Why You Need an HVAC Maintenance Contract

Have you experienced sudden HVAC malfunction in the middle of a long hot day with no available HVAC technician to run to? Everyone has! With all the stress and inconvenience, you would not want to experience it again this summer. So be smart and sign up in an HVAC maintenance contract. Find out what more it has to offer!

Priority Service

A maintenance contract gives you the priority benefit in all HVAC services offered by the company. Should your heating and cooling unit malfunction in the middle of the season; you always have someone in the company to assist you without delay.

Service Notification

With lots of things to do, you surely tend to forget when you should have the next maintenance service for your HVAC system. You probably know the consequences of delayed maintenance services. A maintenance agreement gets in touch with your tune-up schedule and reminds you ahead of time to prevent the rush.

Complete Documentation

Your technician keeps all your maintenance documents to ensure that you supply the needed cleaning and inspection for your heating and cooling systems. This is especially important to keep your insurance.

Service Discounts

You can take advantage of the discounted prices when enrolled in an HVAC maintenance agreement. Be it on the parts and labor, installation of new technologies, or repair services, you will have a lesser bill to pay as compared to walk in clients.

Energy Efficient Performance

A service maintenance agreement ensures that your heating and cooling units are operating in optimum performance. It maintains scheduled repair and maintenance to keep the system running efficiently so you can enjoy full comfort and great savings.

Early System Repair

You never know what is happening inside your unit even if it looks fine. When enrolled in a maintenance agreement, expect that an HVAC technician will come knocking at your door to do a system check with or without reported issues. This way, small problems are given solution before they turn into major disasters.

When you enroll in a system maintenance agreement, you will not just get more savings but also a heating and cooling system that is less prone to system breakdown. Do not be the last to enjoy these great benefits! Call Micheal’s Cooling and Heating and leave your home comfort to our experts.