Which Specific Parts of My House Should I Insulate?

Which Specific Parts of My House Should I Insulate?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, a typical semi-detached house with three bedrooms can save up to $394 on annual energy bill by having it insulated. Insulation is among the most effective ways to save energy because it helps cool down your home during summer and makes it warm during winter. Thinking to insulate your home but not sure where to start?

Read this post to know where to begin the insulation project.


Let’s begin from the top, of course! The attic is arguably the most important part of the house that needs insulation. As your house continues to generate heat, your attic will hold a significant amount of heat. Without enough insulation in the attic, your indoor temperature will constantly rise, making you suffer from extreme heat. During winter, the heat that escapes from your attic may result in high energy bills. Ideally, spray, batt and blown-in insulation are the best options you can have for your attic.


Insulating your walls can effectively help reduce the energy consumption of your heating and cooling system. As a result, you can cut down your monthly bills by half. By using the best type of insulation for the walls, you can prevent moisture and mold buildup that can damage your house’s foundation. Also, insulated walls can give every homeowner the privacy and protection against outside noises.


You should know that approximately 15% of the conditioned air is lost through the flooring such as in the basement and garage area. Adding insulation in the floor can adequately save your home from cold and hot spots. This is true especially for multi-level houses. Before starting the insulation project, you should know what type of floor you have.


You may never know this, but insulating your basement can give you the extra benefit of maintaining and retaining the indoor temperature of your home. Also, insulation in your basement can offer your family an extended living space because it makes the lower ground room more comfortable.

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