What is A Smart Air Filter and How Does it Work?

What is A Smart Air Filter and How Does it Work?

Do you keep on forgetting to replace the air filter on your HVAC system at home? If YES, then maybe you need to upgrade to automatic air filters that alert you of the right replacement time.

Smart air filters are popular innovation in the HVAC industry today. Not only do they alert homeowners of the right replacement time, but they also help keep a better air quality inside their homes. Read on to understand how this technological advancement can help you.

What Is A Smart Air Filter?

Regular and timely replacement of air filter is essential for comfort, health, and savings. Due to a busy life, however, most homeowners tend to forget changing their filters regularly, compromising all the benefits that their HVAC system has to offer. Good thing, smart air filters are designed to back them up.

These air filters come with an app and Bluetooth-enabled pressure sensor that sends a text alert if it is the time to replace your air filters or if the air quality or airflow has changed inside your home. You can only receive this notification if air filter replacement is immediately needed, eliminating the need to check your filters manually.

How Does The App Work?

To guarantee performance and reliability, these air filters come with an app that alerts homeowners about the filter replacement time. Besides that, it also helps in several ways. For instance, it can help you figure out how many air filters are needed and what sizes are required for your HVAC system. This saves you time especially if you have multiple air filters with different sizes in each room.

Also, it tracks the air quality outdoors, and alerts if the outdoor air is extremely risky. The app also keeps you on track of each filter you use at home and help you understand your air quality level in real-time.

Need Expert Air Filter Installation in Your Pineville, LA?

As a homeowner, you know you have an endless list of maintenance projects to stay on top of this season. Good thing, checking your air filter in your HVAC system is no longer part of this because smart filters will prompt you automatically when the replacement is necessary.

If you need expert installation of this device in your smart home or simply looking for the latest news in the HVAC industry, feel free to call our experts at Micheal’s Cooling & Heating.