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water heater

The water heater in your house can be the unsung hero of household items. It can go unrecognized until you find yourself in need of a new one and realize how crucial it is to remaining comfortable.  When you go to purchase one, there are many options to consider. New water heaters can provide all the hot water you need while saving you money because they are so energy efficient. Some of the options include solar water heaters, heat pump water heaters, tankless coil and indirect water heaters, demand type water heaters and conventional storage water heaters.

When making a decision on which type to purchase there are some points to consider. What will the yearly operating costs be? How energy efficient is the heater? Will spending more upfront on an energy efficient model save you operating costs over time and pay off? Research the pros and cons on each type of water heater by reading customer reviews on line.

How large of a heater does your household need? What type of fuel source do you want to use? Electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, propane, solar energy or geothermal energy?  Electricity is the most common form of fuel source and can be used with combination water and space heating systems, these include tankless coil and indirect water heaters. Tapping into solar energy is becoming a very popular option as more and more companies are popping up offering solar at reasonable prices, with the benefit of decreasing your power bill.

Different water heaters will use different types of fuel more efficiently than others. For example, natural gas may cost less than electricity rates but an electric powered heat pump may be more efficient. All of this needs to be weighed up to make sure you are running your water heater at the most energy and cost efficient way possible.