When Should I Use My Emergency Heat?

When Should I Use My Emergency Heat?

Heat pump has emergency heat switch which confuses many homeowners as to when and how to use. But as the name implies, emergency heat should be used for emergency heating only.

What Is Emergency Heat Setting?

 The emergency heat setting is your tertiary back-up heat source when the weather becomes seriously cold. Especially in the northern climates where the temperature is below 35 degrees, the heat pump and your secondary heat sources which include your furnace and electric heater fail in providing the amount of heat which suffice the household needs. That’s when you need to turn on your emergency heat setting.

 The use of emergency heat can be determined differently depending on the kind of system and thermostat you have at home. However, one thing’s common, the emergency heat is your hope on a heat pump breakdown in the middle of the cold wave.

When To Use The Emergency Heat Setting?

Emergency heat setting is meant for heat emergencies only. It’s when your heat pump malfunctioned in the middle of the winter season. You can turn the setting on while waiting for the heating and cooling expert to arrive and fix the main unit.

While it’s true that you can use your emergency heat for an extended period of time, it should be turned off when the operation is back to normal. Using the emergency heat at normal situations can affect your energy consumption bill big time. Since it’s really expensive to run, you’ll notice a skyrocketing heating cost for your energy usage.

Operating your emergency heat is really laborious. Aside from having additional expense, it can cause the components of your heat pump to fail prematurely.

Is Emergency Heat More Expensive To Run?

The answer is YES. There are complexities in the use of emergency heat and it’s a great must to be familiar with the ins and outs of the setting. And since it can be costly to operate, you might want to avoid unexpected system breakdown with regular HVAC maintenance.

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