Types of AC System

Types of AC System

If you are thinking of purchasing a new air conditioner, one of the major tasks that you need to do is to pick the best model that will fit both your budget and your home. But right before you go out and buy one, you should first educate yourself of the different types of AC system. Since each type of AC is different, make sure to know which designs and systems match your specific needs, and which do not.

Here are the types of AC systems you can choose from.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

This type of AC can be a great choice if your house does not have ductwork. Just like the basic split system, it combines condenser and outdoor compressor with indoor air conditioning units. It has blowers attached and this unit is mounted high on the wall. Its tubing connects outdoor and indoor units and at the same time circulates refrigerant between them. One of the many advantages of using this system is that it can be installed without the need to tear up the walls just to install ductwork. It controls the flow of cold air independently in every room.

Split Systems

The evaporator coil inside the house is tucked in a cabinet, which eliminates moisture and dirt from the air. The metal case outside the house has the condenser coil, which is responsible for releasing the heat. The compressor on the other hand pumps the refrigerant between the coils. This is the most economical to install with a central furnace since it can share the ductwork utilized by the heating system.

Packaged AC Systems

This type of AC system combines the compressor, condenser, and evaporator in one unit. This can be placed either on a concrete slab just near the foundation or on a roof. The ducts running all through the roof or exterior wall let the air from inside the house and then return the cooled air indoors. When this is combined with natural gas furnace or set of heating coils, it removes the need for separate furnace inside the house or building. Also, this type can be utilized in small commercial buildings.

Heat Pumps

This is just a variation of traditional split systems. During winter, it extracts the heat coming from the outdoor air and then uses it in order to warm the house. During summer, it pumps the heat coming from the house and then releases it outside. This is why this type of AC system can be utilized for both cooling and heating especially in mild climates. However, they are not a great choice for cold climates.

Talk to the HVAC professionals in Pineville to know more about the types of AC systems. You will get informed opinions regarding the quality as well as clear options of what you need. Best of all, you can find the best deals. Understanding the different types of AC systems is the ultimate key to finding the best AC system suited to your unique needs and budget.