Top 5 Air Filtration Systems for Homes

Sneezing, coughing, itching, and moderate to serious difficulty in breathing- these are just some of the many symptoms of allergies. It’s true that it can happen any time in the long summer months but why suffer when you can prevent its occurrence inside your home? We are here to introduce to you some effective filtration systems to keep your indoor air quality safe and healthy all-year-round.

How Does an Air Filtration System Become a Remedy to Poor IAQ?

Simple, it does what other types of air cleaners do: combat and get rid of pollutants, airborne particles and other contaminants in the air before they enter and penetrate your lungs. The entire cleaning process happens in the machine, where air enters and is filtered to remove allergy-causing particles. What will now come out in your vents and be distributed in your home is safe and breathable air. Here are five of the many filtration systems that you can choose from:

  1. HEPA Filter. Probably one of the more expensive types but guaranteed most effective in keeping your indoor air clean. HEPA Filters are proven effective in filtering allergy-causing particles, pollutants and microscopic organisms in the air which even an air filter with the highest MERV rating can not handle. It also contains waves of activated carbon-based materials that effectively remove the bad odors inside your home.
  2. UV Lights. Unlike regular types of air filtration system, UV lights do not work with the chemicals and pollutants found in the air. They are effective in killing germs, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in it. That’s why this type of air filtration system is usually used in hospitals as a germicidal aid to prevent the spread of diseases.
  3. Media Filter. A bit of advice, if you want to upgrade your 1” air filter in your home but on a tight budget, a media filter is a great choice.  This type of air filtration system is up to 40% more effective in trapping airborne particles and contaminants in the air. They are also more efficient to use as compared to the traditional 1” air filter which you have at home.
  4. On-Demand Air Purifiers. While other air purifiers only work when your HVAC system is in use, on-demand air purifiers can function even if you turn off your device. This is most helpful especially during allergy seasons.
  5. UV Lights and Air Purifiers. This is the combination of UV light technology and air purifiers which is an effective tool in removing even zapped contaminants and prevents them from recirculating with the air.

If you need help in keeping your IAQ as high as possible, feel free to call us at Micheal’s Cooling and Heating. We will help you find the best solution to your IAQ concerns.