Tips For Making Your Ice Machine Run Smoother During Summer

Tips For Making Your Ice Machine Run Smoother During Summer

Ice is not viewed as one of the food commodities, but its demand has drastically increased in the summer season because of the need to cool. That is why it is extra important to keep those ice machines running at full performance.

There are two main reasons why ice machines malfunction and run slower than normal. It is either because of too much heat or poor maintenance. Here are the things you should take note to make sure that your ice machines will stand the demands this summer season.

Place the ice machine in the right location.

Be sure to put your ice machines in places where the temperature is not too high. The unit will find it hard to operate when the temperature surrounding it is hot. It will slow down the ice making process and will place great pressure on your ice machine. The kitchen is an example of a poor place to put your unit since the temperature gets warm when you start to cook.

Additionally, do not put your ice machine near appliances which produce heat. The shared heat will make the appliance work harder. You can have your ice machines installed on the floor, but make sure that it is made of materials that easily cool down like ceramics.

Make sure that there is enough air flow.

Ice machines need a certain amount of airspace around them to cool down.  Be sure to remove all other things that are stocked at the top or on the sides of the unit. Ask your service technicians about the right amount of space needed, or you can simply rely on the owner’s manual. Take time also to check the air intake vents if dust and dirt are starting to build up. It is important to regularly clean the area to prevent heating from getting stuck in the system.

Have your system regularly maintained.

The ideal maintenance schedule for ice machines is every six months. Failure to comply with this important procedure will put your unit in big trouble. You also need to clean your unit more often to remove the scale buildup or grit in the condenser or evaporator coil. Ask your trusted technician how to service these parts and what kind of filter is best for your system.

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