Should I Turn the Central A/C On or Off While on Vacation?

Should I Turn the Central A/C On or Off While on Vacation?

Are you planning to escape Central Louisiana for vacation? You are probably wondering if you need to turn your air conditioning units on or off while you are away. Surely, you will see conflicting answers on the internet about this matter. Here are pieces of advice from our friendly professionals to clear your confusions:

Do Not turn your System Off

Technically, if you are in for more savings, turning it off would be necessary. However, if you will be out for just a week or two, you do not need to completely shut it off. It is best to start by understanding that your air conditioning system not just cools your home but also helps in managing humidity inside. If indoor humidity hits more than 50%, expect that musty odors, mold and peeling paints would welcome you on your return.

Turn It Up Instead

If your vacation will not take that long, you can just leave your air conditioner on. But, the setting should not be the same as when you are home. Since there is no need to cool the entire corners of your house, you can set the thermostat up. This will be enough to keep a good temperature and to manage humidity levels inside. If you have an upgraded programmable thermostat, there is a “vacation”, “hold”, or “away” function that you can set for a better indoor setting.

Managing Your A/C While On Vacation

Here are the factors that you should consider in managing your air conditioning systems while on vacation.

Length of Vacation. Turning on or off your A/C depends on how long will you be out on vacation. It is better to turn it off for long vacations but if it is just for a short time, turning it up will be best. Your programmable thermostats will come in handy in these moments.

Weather. It is best to check the weather forecast for the timeframe that you will be away. If the weather is mild, you can turn the A/C off. But if the weather is promising an amplified temperature, better keep it on.

Efficiency. Know the efficiency of your home. If it has enough insulation and efficient windows, there is no hassle in keeping the A/C on. If you still have time, improve inefficient windows and minimize air leaks to keep cool air inside.

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