Reasons Why Your Heating Energy Bill Increases During Winter

Reasons Why Your Heating Energy Bill Increases During Winter

Many homeowners in Pineville, LA are wondering why their energy bill increases when the cold season starts. Given the fact that their heating system accounts almost 50% of their monthly utility bills, most of them seek answers to what causes their energy usage to grow that much.

Here are the main reasons why your energy bill increases in the winter:

Inefficient Heating System

If your heating system inefficiently runs throughout the winter season, you will definitely receive high energy bills. There are several factors affecting the efficiency of your heating system including the age of your unit, clogged air filter, dirty and leaky ductwork, and more. So be sure to schedule a complete check-up and repair of your heating system to ensure efficient operation.

Continuous Use of Your Comfort Devices

Whether you like it or not, you need to run your heating system throughout the cold months to stay comfortable. This is one thing you should do if you want to keep a consistent indoor comfort. Apart from your heating system, you also have the thermostat, space heater, ventilators, and humidifiers that contribute to big energy consumption. Be sure to ask recommendations from your local HVAC company to manage and lower your energy consumption.

Leaks Around Your Home

Leaks around your home can affect both your heating comfort and savings. No matter how effective your unit is in providing the heat you need for your space and if your home just let some of it escape through cracks and holes, you can never get the saving you want from it. Not only you are paying for the heated air you did not use, but your unit can also experience too much strain to meet the heating demands of your home. To spot the leaks that cause your heating bill to rise, be sure to schedule a complete inspection of your home.

Poor Home Insulation

Better home insulation leads to better comfort and long-term savings. Properly insulated homes help keep the consistent amount of heat inside and help homeowners lower their energy consumption each month. Try upgrading your home using cost-effective solutions such as cavity walls insulation, draught proofing, and loft insulation.

It is important that you understand the things that affect your energy consumption. But the most unacceptable part here is that you are paying for the energy you did not use. If you want to stay on track of the energy you use and get the best of what your heating system has to offer, schedule a complete home and heating inspection with us at Micheal’s Cooling & Heating. Set your appointment now!