Prevent And Reduce Allergy Symptoms With These HVAC Maintenance Tips

Prevent and Reduce Allergy Symptoms With These HVAC Maintenance Tips

While spring is the season of short sleeves and outdoor parties, not all people are able to enjoy its long beautiful days due to allergy. That’s why they end up with all the itching and sniffing throughout the season. Good thing, there are easy HVAC maintenance tips to get rid of discomforts due to seasonal allergies.

Keep your HVAC units clean.

Both indoor and outdoor units should be free from dust and debris. These unwanted particles can hinder the proper functioning of your system and may trigger your asthma and allergies at some point. Keeping your HVAC system clean is the best option to get rid of allergens. Simple cleaning starts from sweeping, vacuum cleaning and dusting the parts of your units using wet rags.

Replace filters regularly.

It’s good to have high quality HVAC filters for your home; however, due to undeniable expenses most homeowners opt for low-priced HVAC filters. Although high quality HVAC filters can filter allergens better than regular air filters, regular replacement is needed on both. Dirty air filters can put your health at risk and can affect the performance of your unit.

Keep the right humidity level in your home.

Too high and too low humidity give you discomforts and may lead to allergic reactions. High humidity can cause mold growth while too low temperature can give you clogged sinus and sores. Upgrade your system or have a humidifier installed in your house to solve humidity issue.

Clean the vents and registers.

Homeowners usually forget these parts of their unit. When cleaning the house, be sure to include the registers and vents because they circulate the air around your place. Dust and other airborne particles in your dirty registers and vents can mix up with the air distributed into your home.

Schedule a regular HVAC tuneup.

Annual maintenance of HVAC system can reduce buildup of allergens in your home. It ensures that your HVAC system is free from dust and other airborne particles which can trigger your allergies and other respiratory problems. This can also prevent major problems in the future since minor problems can be detected and fixed during scheduled maintenance.

Do not compromise the fun of the spring season. Consider these simple HVAC maintenance tips to prevent common allergens from disturbing your long comfortable day.