Micheals Cooling and Heating When is it time to replace your HVAC System?

replace your HVAC System

If you have questions about replacing your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to reach out to Micheals Cooling and Heating in Pineville LA. We can give you some guidance and advice on what is the most economical solution to your questions. Some basic facts to consider though are; is your HVAC system over ten to fifteen years old? If it is, replacing your system with a new energy star labeled system could save you up to twenty percent on your associated cooling and heating costs.

Over time, what you save on your bill could in turn pay for the new system. Have you noticed your power bills are increasing? This can be a sign your HVAC system is struggling to keep up, losing efficiency and is cycling in and out more often to cool or heat your house. This can be a result of age. If your equipment requires frequent repairs and keeps breaking down, you may find it is more cost effective to buy a new system then to keep paying expensive repair bills.

When you buy a new system you have the option of buying a warranty or a preventative maintenance package which can save you money as well. A newer system will come with a programmable thermostat, this will allow you to save money because you can lower the temperature when you are away from the house, and these savings may encourage you to replace your HVAC system. A noisy system can be the result of old age, a coil issue or a duct system that is too small. If you don’t want to entertain fixing these problems then it may be time to replace your system.