Why Is There Ice In Your HVAC Unit?

Why Is There Ice In Your HVAC Unit?

“Restricted or reduced airflow can cause the evaporator coil to drop below freezing temperature and begin to accumulate ice as the humidity from the surrounding air collects and freezes.  Another common reason for ice build-up on air conditioning units is a low level of refrigerant.”

Leaking Refrigerants

There is no other reason why your AC has insufficient refrigerant except for leaks. Ice may form if the refrigerant is low in the system. Filling it up won’t do, if the leaks are still there, call Michael’s Cooling and Heating.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Watch out for dirty coils for they may also cause ice build-up in your unit. If your evaporator coils needs cleaning or replacement, have it done first before using the system. Failure to maintain the coils may cause trouble in your compressor and the entire system.

Insufficient Airflow

Dirt and other debris may block the flow of air in the system. This causes the humidity to gather in the coil and ice builds up. Make sure to replace air filters, clean evaporator coils and check the ductworks regularly.

Mechanical failures

Glitches in the components of your system can also cause the pressure inside to drop and freeze up your unit. These include malfunctioning blower fans, clogged filter, damaged valves, closed vents, and thermostat problem.

How can you fix a frozen air conditioner?

Check AC filter.

Clogged air filter causes a restriction in airflow and may affect your indoor air quality. Replace air filters regularly and choose high-quality products.

Check the ducts.

Open the registers and check if they have disconnected or bent joints in the ducts. Remove dirt and debris in your ductworks and seal the leaks.

Perform regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance is your defense against any HVAC problems which include a freezing unit. Don’t try to use your AC, and call Michael’s Cooling and Heating, to do a thorough inspection.

At Micheal’s Cooling and Heating, we have been dealing with ice build-up and other HVAC problems for 20 years now. If you have any concerns about your home comfort, give us a call.