How Is Humidity Controlled With An AC System?

How is humidity controlled with an AC system?

Relative humidity and air temperature are the most important factors in maintaining an indoor comfort. However, not all homeowners understand the effect of humidity on comfort. HVAC professionals, on the other hand, recommend using dehumidifier to control indoor humidity at varying temperatures.

AC system is one great way to control humidity. However, some areas are prone to muggy weather and high temperatures. Therefore, it is always necessary to have an AC system that is properly functioning to reduce home humidity. Controlling humidity not only controls the damaging mold and mildew, but also makes your family even more comfortable.

This is how your AC system controls humidity.

Majority of AC systems are capable of controlling your home’s humidity. During hot summer months, the moist comes out in contact with the cold evaporator coil of the AC system, which condenses water vapor that comes from the air. Your home becomes less humid because the liquid is condensed out of the air.

Upon using proper air conditioner settings, you can control your home’s humidity. As a result, it makes your home liveable and comfortable. Best of all, it makes harder for mold to thrive. Follow these simple tips to control humidity using your air conditioner.

Set your thermostat fan on Auto position. It is advisable to set the thermostat fan on auto position as it lets the blower fan to run continuously. In return, it blows back the condensation on the evaporator coil into circulation.

For those who are utilizing their AC unit as an alternative to whole-house humidifier, it will lower the amount of moisture in the indoor air.

Choose a properly sized AC unit. If you are planning to replace your existing unit, choosing a properly sized and matched up one can be a huge help. This will significantly remove and control humidity. Moreover, your AC system should also have enough power to move the cooled air all throughout your home. AC specialist can calculate the right size for your AC system depending on what climate you live in and the size of your living space.

Change the air filters. Changing the air filters regularly and having it serviced by a skilled technician annually can make a great difference. This will help keep your AC unit in tip top shape, and at the same time prevent mold and other airborne bacteria cultivation.

The main reason why homeowners feel uncomfortable when the humidity levels are high is that when perspiring, our bodies tend to cool. Air has moisture in it when the environment is humid, thus making it hard for the body’s sweat to evaporate. The air grows less humid with lower temperatures. The result, we feel more comfortable.

If your AC system at home is not properly working the way it should be, it is a wise move to contact the nearest HVAC professionals in Pineville. They have what it takes to provide services and pieces of advice to keep your system in its best condition.