How to Properly Maintain Your Commercial Ice Machine in the Spring?

How to Properly Maintain Your Commercial Ice Machine in the Spring?

Warmer temperature is around the corner, and before you know it, spring will be in the air. This season brings a fresh approach for you to maintain your restaurant equipment and get them ready for the slew of customers. And the best place to start? Your ICE MACHINE!

Here’s how you can properly maintain your commercial ice machine this spring season:

Install a Water Filter

Impurities that come from your water supply may negatively impact the taste of the ice. Place a charcoal water filter on your incoming water line to improve the odor and taste of the water your machine used to create ice.

Replace Your Air Filter

When grease or debris clogs up in your ice machine’s air filter, the airflow is restricted. Over time, they can warp the filter and prevent it from filtering out the dirt. Clean your machine’s filter every two weeks and replace it at least twice each year.

Watch Out for Your Room Temperature

Make sure that the room where the ice machine is placed maintains the appropriate temperature of 50 degrees. It helps the equipment work properly and efficiently.

Clean Your Water Reservoir

The accumulated mineral scale can cause serious health problems to your customers. Clean your water reservoir once every two to three months. Check your manufacturer’s manual for proper cleaning of the component.

Sanitize Your Ice Cube Bin

Sanitize your cube bin every two to three months. Turn off your ice machine, remove all the ice inside it, and use a cleaning solution to clean the bin liner. Scrub it thoroughly, rinse it off, and dry it completely before turning on.

Replace Parts

Check the vital parts of your ice machine periodically and replace the damaged components. Inspect the bearings and other parts for wear and tear and rust.

Study Your Manufacturer’s Manual

Ice machines have varying maintenance requirements, depending on their models and manufacturers. Study your manual for specific instruction or call your local technician for professional maintenance.

By preparing your commercial ice machine this spring season, you can have peace of mind knowing that it could work properly in the coming warmer months. At Micheal’s Cooling & Heating, our team can help you fix your ice machine issues. We even have high-quality units if you need replacement. Contact us.