How Does Your Attic’s Ventilation Affect Your Energy Bill?

How Does Your Attic’s Ventilation Affect Your Energy Bill?

Attic ventilation is an important consideration if you want to experience real comfort this summer season. And when we say real comfort, we mean more than just staying cool, it should also be in a budget-friendly way.

How Does Attic Ventilation Work?

The attic temperature in the summer season can reach an extremely high level. Hot air will eventually radiate inside your home, causing you to feel warmer. Then you will have to run your air conditioning unit to remove this unwanted heat.

Your home’s insulation helps in keeping this extreme heat out of your interior space. However, with the advent of summer where the temperature is at its peak, insulation alone does not guarantee good comfort. And, it can cost high on energy consumption by running your system in full force.

Proper ventilation reduces the stress on your home’s insulation by facilitating air circulation in the attic. The intake vents allow for cool air to get inside while the exhaust vents push the extremely hot air up and out of the attic.

The Role of Attic Fan in Ventilation

Aside from attic ventilation, attic fans are also a great help in reducing strain on your air conditioning system by removing excess hot air. If you want to install an attic fan, here are the two most common types to choose:

  • Whole Home Fans: Whole house fans effectively help cut down on your cooling costs. In fact, they only require as much as 10-15% of your air conditioning unit’s energy requirement. Whole house fans draw cool air through the windows and push warm air up and into the attic. They are typically mounted on the floor over the central hallway of the home.
  • Attic Ventilation Fans: The proper operation of this type of attic fan goes hand in hand with proper insulation of your home. Attic ventilation fans blow warm air out of the attic but with poor insulation, it can draw cool air out of your home as well. This can result in increased cooling costs.

By improving attic ventilation, you can surely get the best comfort and savings throughout the year.  And since attic ventilation requires balance and complexities, you will need to consult a professional help. The experts at Micheal’s Cooling and Heating can give you an assurance that your venting system is properly installed to maximize your energy savings. Call us today!