Have You Had Heating Maintenance Yet?

Have You Had Heating Maintenance Yet?

We’re in the midst of winter and you might running your heating units for some time now. Ensure you systems’ efficiency and keep them in good condition for the entire winter season by scheduling a regular maintenance service. No matter if it’s a furnace, heat pump or a radiant system on your floor, you have to hire professional experts to provide regular check, tune-up and cleaning in its every component.

Why Heating Maintenance Is Important

If you will to drive long distances, you need to have your car checked and tuned up for safety and proper operation. Same thing with your heating and cooling systems. The average amount of time that you’ll be using your unit is approximately the same as driving your car for 174,000 miles. Never let your HVAC systems work constantly at this rate without having the same analysis and attention.

Here are some of the advantages that you can get by merely having a regular maintenance schedule for your heating and cooling units.

  • Your safety and that of your family should always be a priority. A poorly maintained heating system in Central Louisiana can lead to casualty and damage to property. A regular check up on your unit makes sure that problems are given attention before it brings great damage on the system. Just the regular cleaning on the components can already make a big difference.
  • Reliable performance. The last thing you want to experience is to have a malfunctioning heater in the coldest days of the year. Regular maintenance gives you assurance that your heating units are ready to get you through the winter season. It protects you from unexpected system shutdown and gives you peace of mind for the entire winter season.
  • Reduce chances of repair. You can never stop problems in your heaters from happening, provided that you’re using your heaters constantly for some time now. However, regular heating and cooling maintenance can reduce the chance of repair for around 85%.
  • Increase heater lifespan. Annual system maintenance can make your unit last longer than the expected due date. This will prevent premature system replacement so you can maximize the benefits from your investment.

Let the professionals at Micheal’s Cooling and Heating take care of your heating and cooling units in Central Louisiana. We can handle from small repair works to large heating unit installations.