Common Thermostat Problems and How They Impact Heating?

Common Thermostat Problems and How They Impact Heating?

Have you ever realized that some problems in your heating system are simply caused by a failing thermostat? Yes, you read it right! You might blame your furnace or heat pump for the uncomfortable temperature inside your home, but what you don’t know is that your thermostat is the one responsible for it.

For better understanding, our experts at Micheal’s Cooling & Heating are here to explain the common thermostat problems and how they impact heating in your home.

Dirty Thermostat

Dust, dirt and tiny particles can build up in your thermostat’s component. These elements negatively impact your thermostat’s temperature reading. If neglected, they might damage the parts of your device over time. To ensure proper operation of your thermostat, clean it by removing the plastic housing and wiping the dirt away using a soft brush.

Thermostat is Placed in Direct Sunlight

Incorrect placement can cause your thermostat to give false temperature reading, which later affects the operation of your heating system. This is true especially with thermostats positioned under direct sunlight. Try to observe your thermostat throughout the day and see if it is hit by sunlight. If it is, then request your technician to move it to the right location.

Thermostat Placed Near Heat-Emitting Sources

Placing your thermostat near heat sources such as stove, oven, or fireplace has a negative impact on you and your family’s comfort and can cause incorrect reading. The heat it sensed makes the device think the room is way warmer than the actual temperature. Ask your technician about the proper placement of your device.

Thermostat’s Current Condition

Check your thermostat’s current condition to know if it is really the cause of discomfort issues. Inspect if your thermostat is damaged or broken. Recalibrate the setting if the temperature outside changes. Also, consider a replacement if it is on its last leg. If you have done all these and still nothing works, call your technician right away.

Having a properly functioning heating system is important now that the winter season is on its height in Pineville, LA and nearby towns. If you observe some changes in your indoor temperature even if you did not modify your thermostat’s setting, call us at Micheal’s Cooling & Heating to identify the root of the issue. We will be there to help get back the proper function of your unit and thermostat.