When Should You Clean Air Conditioner Coils For Peak AC Performance

When Should You Clean Air Conditioner Coils for Peak AC Performance?

When your air conditioning system suddenly breaks down, the culprit could be your air filters and ductworks. Or, it might be your dirty coils. Maintaining your AC’s coils are equally important as keeping the other components in good shape. When should you clean your AC’s coils for peak performance? Read on.

You probably think that your air conditioning system is producing cool air just like when a furnace produces heat, but no. Your AC uses refrigerants which circulate continuously to absorb heat then releases them out. This is a continuous action which happens in your system coils.

Get To Know Your AC Coils

Working together to help your unit function at its best, the evaporator and condenser coils are crucial components of your air conditioning system. If one of these coils fails to do its job correctly, the performance of the entire unit is affected causing you to feel less cool air in your home.

It is in the evaporator coils that refrigerants absorb heat and humidity and it is where the cold air comes from. The refrigerants collect the warm air and evaporate them. The condenser coils finish the process that your evaporator coils started. With the fan blowing in the coil, the refrigerants release the excess heat it absorbs from your home. It changes the hot refrigerant gas to liquid form then makes it ready for another cycle.

When is it time to clean your AC coils?

Heating and cooling professionals suggest coil cleaning at least twice a month. However, there are factors that can change this schedule and make you clean your AC coils more often.

Location. How often you need to clean your evaporator and condenser coils depends on their location. If your outside units are located near the streets, or near constructions sites, it can be more exposed to dust and dirt.

Old unit. If you have an old unit, you might be having rusted coils. Corrosions can attract dirt and debris like a magnet, thus gathering them in your unit fast.

Being Used 24/7. If you are using your unit all day round, you have to clean it more often because it quickly collects dust and dirt.

Most of the time, problems in your AC coils are not as complicated as what you think it is. You don’t have to schedule expensive repairs because regular coil cleaning is usually the trick.