Boiler Maintenance Tips

Boiler Maintenance Tips

Owning a gas-powered heating system such as boilers is more of a responsibility rather than a luxury. Boilers are known for its long-lasting service that is why many homeowners in Central Louisiana are using this as their primary form of heating. Just like all other appliances, however, boilers are no exception when it comes to system breakdown and it is just right to know how to properly maintain your units to prolong its service life.

General Boiler Maintenance

It is important to regularly check the controls of your heating system. Most of the time, these parts need regular adjustment to ensure that the unit is working efficiently, providing just the right amount of heat to your home. After the controls, walk around the unit and do a thorough check on the venting chimney and the pipes attached to it. Watch out for leaks, blockages and deterioration of components. Clean the tank surface and the heat exchanger as well. If you have a condensing boiler, always check the condensate drain line, drain system and PVC fittings. Clean and remove obstructions if there are any.

Watch Out For Carbon Monoxide

Since your boiler undergoes gas combustion process to generate heat, it is included in the long list of home appliances that release carbon monoxide gas. Be sure to regularly check if the tank and the combustion changer are worn out. Cracks can cause CO gases to leak out. To ensure safety, invest in carbon monoxide detectors and have at least one installed in each floor or in the room where you have your boiler housed in.

You can also call a professional for help and schedule a carbon monoxide test if you suspect that your home is at risk of carbon monoxide content.

Unusual Sounds

If your boiler system is poorly maintained, you will notice unusual sounds in its operation. Chances are, the tank and pipes are filled with lime scale deposit and the pipes are frozen. These issues are not your typical DIY job so you need to call a professional to handle the case. Your boiler may need a hard reset, which means you have to shut down the unit for several days while the experts are flushing out the chemicals.

It is important to be extra vigilant of the happenings in and out of your boiler system. If there are problems that you can not handle personally, do not hesitate to call the experts at Micheal’s Cooling and Heating, LLC.