How to Fix a Noisy Air Conditioner?

Many homeowners are suffering from loud A/C noise. However, they do nothing to solve the problem thinking that there is no cure for it. If you are among them, then you are totally wrong. Remember, unwanted noises that are not supposed to be there might indicate that your cooling system is facing some issues inside. [Read more…]

Things to Avoid When Buying a New A/C in Pineville, LA

Buying a new A/C in Pineville, LA is not as easy as it sounds. Factors like efficiency rating and professional services should be taken into account so you can get the most efficient and suitable unit for your home. So if you don’t want to fall into buyer’s remorse the next time you buy a. [Read more…]

How to Properly Maintain Your Commercial Ice Machine in the Spring?

Warmer temperature is around the corner, and before you know it, spring will be in the air. This season brings a fresh approach for you to maintain your restaurant equipment and get them ready for the slew of customers. And the best place to start? Your ICE MACHINE! Here’s how you can properly maintain your. [Read more…]