When Should You Clean Air Conditioner Coils For Peak AC Performance

When your air conditioning system suddenly breaks down, the culprit could be your air filters and ductworks. Or, it might be your dirty coils. Maintaining your AC’s coils are equally important as keeping the other components in good shape. When should you clean your AC’s coils for peak performance? Read on. You probably think that. [Read more…]

Prevent And Reduce Allergy Symptoms With These HVAC Maintenance Tips

While spring is the season of short sleeves and outdoor parties, not all people are able to enjoy its long beautiful days due to allergy. That’s why they end up with all the itching and sniffing throughout the season. Good thing, there are easy HVAC maintenance tips to get rid of discomforts due to seasonal. [Read more…]

Common HVAC Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Common problems may arise during the times of the year when we constantly use our HVAC systems. Luckily, there are problems you can do on your own, and it’s a good idea to know some DIY fixes. Here is a list of common HVAC problems you can fix yourself. Reduced Airflow Poor airflow is the. [Read more…]