7 Hottest Trends in the HVAC Industry

7 Hottest Trends in the HVAC Industry

Geothermal, solar, and ductless heating and cooling systems have become the talk of the town in the previous years. Nowadays, the HVAC industry has discovered new ways to make our comfort systems more compelling and useful.

Let us take you on a quick tour to seven of the latest trends and innovations in the HVAC industry.

  1. Motion-Activated HVAC

This has the same functionality with the motion-activated lighting. The system turns on or off if the motion is sensed in various spaces of your home. This means if you leave the area, the unit will immediately shut off to save energy in an unoccupied room.

  1. Bluetooth-Enabled Air Filter

This smart filter comes with a pressure sensor and an app that sends alerts when it is time to change your air filter. It serves as your reminder if your air filter gets dirty. The app even helps you figure out the size and number of filters needed when replacing.

  1. Digital Zoning

With your programmable thermostat, you can now control the temperature of different zones of your home at all times. It uses a sensor-driven vent instead of the traditional home vents. Also, it comes with an app for convenient temperature control in every room.

  1. Hot Water Recirculator

Hot water recirculator quickly moves the hot water to fixtures without waiting for the water to get hot. The cold water’s temperature is slightly raised and returned to its normal cold temperature after a while. This can be your convenient equipment if you do not like waiting for hot water in a freezing morning.

  1. Smart Thermostats

This is not your typical smart thermostat! New smart thermostats have private and safe cloud connectivity, discreet and modern design, and an adjustable heating feature that lets you control over your home temperature from anywhere at any time.

  1. Real-Time Data

You can now track system efficiency, know when to repair, and get real-time data through advanced data tracking applications. This innovation helps homeowners control their energy usage and avoid consuming much of it.

  1. Thermally-Driven HVAC

This system uses fluid evaporation like low-pressure water to make your home space more comfortable. Besides fluid, solar energy is another element used by this equipment, which makes it ideal for spaces that require a large amount of heating and cooling capability.

The technology in the HVAC industry has come a long way and has indeed shaped the future of our heating and cooling systems. Thanks to the work and dedication of the industry experts who never stop innovating equipment to make home comfort more convenient. Contact us at Micheal’s Cooling & Heating to learn more about the latest HVAC trends.