6 Smart Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Next Heat Wave

6 Smart Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Next Heat Wave

Are you feeling anxious about the next hot summer season? It’s time to be smart about your indoor comfort. There are effective ways you can take to you keep your home cool and efficient ready for the next heat wave.

        1.  Do your homework before buying AC.

When buying a new air conditioner, Micheal’s Cooling & Heating recommends homeowners to buy Energy Star certified unit and have it installed by a highly experienced HVAC technician. A properly installed air conditioning unit can be the difference maker between a highly functional unit and a faltering one.

       2.  Use fans.

Using fans is an expensive way to stay comfortable during the hot summer months. Fans are less expensive compared to air conditioners, and they can provide you and your family relief from the extreme hot weather.

        3.  Invest in a programmable thermostat.

Are you still using the old thermostat model? You might want to consider upgrading to a programmable type. Using a programmable thermostat can save you up to $ 180 yearly on your energy bills. Here’s one tip to use a programmable thermostat- set the temperature to 85 degrees when you’re out and 79 degrees when you’re at home.

        4.  Clean/Replace the air filter.

Dust and other specs of dirt can clog your AC’s air filters over time. Hence, it’s important to keep them clean as much as possible. While cleaning is advisable, air filters should be swapped out every one to 3 months depending on the manufacture’s specification.

       5.  Minimize heat-producing activities.

It makes sense to reduce your use of heat-producing appliances to help in keeping your home cool during the summer season. It’s a good time of the year to reduce using appliances such as computers, TVs, dishwashers, dryers, some lights, and more.

       6.   Sign up for professional annual service.

To stay comfortable during the summer season, it pays to sign up for an annual service. An annual service includes yearly checkup of your unit and its parts to ensure that it is in good shape. Your local contractor thoroughly inspects your system and look for flaws. He will also do the necessary repair if needed.

Get your home ready for the next heat wave with these smart tips.