6 Reasons AC Units Leak Water Inside & Outside

6 Reasons AC Units Leak Water Inside & Outside

Seeing water drippings around your air conditioning unit in and out of your home or commercial place is not fun at all. Sadly, it happens more often than you think and many home and business owners are not aware of the reasons why. To give you a bit of information about this matter, check out these six reasons your air conditioner leaks water.

  1. Improper Installation

Incorrect installation and leveling of your air conditioning unit can result to pressure buildup which causes the leaks. Additionally, if your condensate trap is not fit for the system, you will have improper drainage which often results in overflowing water. If there is no problem in the leveling and drainage of your system, you may need to check for closed vents since they can cause added pressure in the unit.

  1. Blocked Drain Line

The drain line can get clogged up by dirt and dust, and if this happens, the water will not find its way out of your home. The only path it can take is back to your home which can be the reason why you have water drippings inside. Checking the tube is necessary to remove dust, dirt, or anything small that can cause blockage in the drain tube. After cleaning the line, the water will begin its proper exit again.

  1. Dirty Air Filter

A clean air filter is crucial for proper air flow. If obstructed, an insufficient amount of air can reach the evaporator coil, causing it to freeze up. When it melts, there comes that water that your system’s drain pans cannot carry. To prevent this situation, be attentive of your air filters and have them cleaned or replaced every 1-3 months.

  1. Broken Condensate Pump

The condensate pump helps in moving the water out properly. If it is not able to perform its job well, check if it gets enough power. If it does, the problem probably lies in the motor or condenser. It is best to ask for assistance from your trusted professional for complete diagnosis and solution.

  1. Insufficient Refrigerant

The effect of lacking refrigerant in the system is the same as having dirty air filters. The evaporator coil freezes, and when it melts, water overflows in the drain pan. Leaks or cracks in the system cause the insufficient refrigerant level. Let the professional find and seal the leaks before adding refrigerant in the unit.

  1. Air Leakage

Air conditioning units have seals which get loose or go bad after some time. These create leaks which allow warm air to enter the system. When the warm and cold air hits each other inside the system, condensation happens which creates a pool of water under the unit. Resealing the unit can help solve the issue.

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