5 Ways To Go Green In Spring

5 Ways To Go Green In Spring

Spring has sprung! There is no better time to start your transition to a more natural and greener lifestyle. Check these eco-friendly home tips that you can do to help the planet reach more springs in the future.

1. Plant the garden you have always dreamed of.

Want to have the freshest foods without riding a long mile? Grow your own food in that backyard! Planting veggies may take lots of time and effort but the outcome will surely go beyond good harvest. Aside from saving money on your everyday consumption, you also become a good steward of the environment. Plants give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, the process which really helps in our battle with global warming.

2. Be conscious of your water use.

Clean water is a necessity which is already an extinct natural resource. I am sure you are familiar with the usual water saving activities such as taking shorter showers and using small amounts when washing the dishes. You can also add long-term procedures such as fixing leaky faucets and using a watering can to water the garden instead of a hose.

3. Use LED lights.

Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lights are long–lasting and energy efficient. Shifting to LED lighting offers you more savings on money, lessen your energy consumption and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

4. Get your hand on a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat gives you great benefits when it comes to energy efficiency. It allows you to fully control the temperature inside your home so that there will be less energy consumed by your HVAC system. For instance, you can set a temperature schedule that is at least 5 degrees higher while you are out for work and set it to a favorable temperature when you arrive.

5. Upgrade to more efficient cooling unit.

You will be firing up your cooling units soon. If you are still using that old, energy-monster air conditioning system, you will be faced with greater trouble in the months to come. Upgrade your unit to newer and more efficient models to lessen energy consumption and to save yourself from a skyrocketing energy bill.

Why let environmental concerns compete with your home comfort when you can have both at the same time? Call the experts at Micheal’s Cooling & Heating for more eco-friendly home comfort tips this spring season.