5 Ways to Beat the Symptoms of Fall Allergy

5 Ways to Beat the Symptoms of Fall Allergy

As the temperature turns low this fall, mold, ragweed, and other air contaminants can thrive, which can trigger allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, and coughing to Pineville, LA homeowners. Allergy attack does not only happen outdoors but also indoors because of these air pollutants. And the scary thing about allergies is that everyone can become its subject, both youngsters and adults.

Fortunately, you can now battle fall allergy symptoms with these tips from Micheal’s Cooling & Heating. Continue reading to know how!

  1. Clean Your Home Regularly

Keeping a minimum amount of dust inside your home not only makes your space look clean, but also reduces the symptoms of allergy and improves your indoor air quality. Be sure to use a filtering mask when cleaning.

  1. Root Out the Indoor Mold

Indoor mold loves to stay in damp areas including laundry rooms, kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. If you have leaky sinks in these areas, chances are mold might have built up there already. Make sure to check and repair them immediately before they get worse. It is wise to call the professionals to spot the root of the mold in all areas of your home and completely stop them from building up.

  1. Dehumidify Your Indoor Space

If you are allergic to mold, we suggest you use a humidifier to control the level of moisture inside your home. By keeping the moisture level down, you can prevent mold from developing, which in turn will help keep allergy symptoms at a minimum.

  1. Install an Air Purifier

With poor indoor air quality (IAQ), there is a big chance for you to encounter skin problems, respiratory diseases, dizziness, fatigue, and headache, to name a few. Vacuuming is not enough to remove all the pollutants and allergens inside your home. So make sure to install an air cleaner or purifier to maintain the good quality indoor air.

  1. Clean Your Vents and Change Your Filters

Change your air filter and clean your vents before you run your heater for the winter. This will help remove the allergens and other harmful contaminants that get stuck in your air filter and vents. Dirty components in your heating system can unload a significant amount of allergens throughout your home if you let your heating system run without prior checking.

Make sure to keep all these allergy management tips in mind so you can enjoy the thrilling activities that the fall season has to offer. Of course, do not forget to call our experts at Micheal’s Cooling & Heating so we make your home a happy place to live.