5 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Furnace This Cold Season

5 Simple Steps to Prepare Your Furnace This Cold Season

Winter is just around the corner. Unless you want to stay by the fireplace all days of the season, you need to prepare your furnace for the next cold wave. Here are simple steps to ensure the proper operation of your furnace this winter.

  1. Replace air filters.

Changing air filters is the most important preparatory task that you need to do. There are available products in your local hardware store, but be sure to know first the right size for your unit and the type of filter you’re currently using. If you’re not sure on what to purchase, ask recommendations from the experts.

  1. Prepare your ducts.

A lot of heat loss can happen in a faulty duct. Be sure to spot small holes that will allow air to leak out of the system. Leakages can cause your system to work harder and at longer period of time. This means reduced comfort and high energy bill. Seal those leaks and clean the ducts. If the ducts have been used for quite some time now and there are many leaks, just replace it with a brand new one.

  1. Clean the vents.

Dirt and dust accumulate in the vents over time which can block airflow and cause heating issues. Good thing, cleaning vents is just an easy job. Get a piece of wet cloth and remove dust on the openings. If you see furniture blocking the vents, find another place to put these items so that the air can flow freely and you will not experience inconvenience once you run your furnace.

  1. Test your furnace.

Testing your furnace before the cold season sets in is important. When you start to run your furnace, be extra attentive of some abnormal sounds which can indicate a faulty component inside. Also, check your thermostat if it works with your system properly in releasing the right temperature in each part of the house. Taking your furnace for a test is helpful in identifying and solving problems ahead of time.

  1. Check safety precautions.

It’s important to keep any flammable materials away from your heating unit to avoid potential cause of fire. Examine your carbon monoxide detector and replace batteries if needed.

Have a worry-free winter season! Give your furnace a brief inspection today.