5 Reasons We Love Radiant Floor Heating In The Winter

5 Reasons We Love Radiant Floor Heating In The Winter

Are you planning to make an upgrade on your home heating system? Here are 5 reasons why radiant floor heating is just the right choice to make.

  1. No radiators or vents needed

One of the things that bother homeowners during the winter season is a noisy radiator and a dusty vent. With radiant floor heating, you don’t need to hover until the radiator noise shuts nor compromise your home comfort with dust-spewing vents which regularly need cleaning. If you want a comfort in silence and a hypoallergenic heating system, radiant floor heating is just what you need.

  1. Even heating throughout the house

Radiant floor heating uses hot water tubes or electrical wires installed underneath the flooring. You don’t have to worry if you step out of the shower or roam the house without wearing slippers; the heat released by the system evenly warms up everything along its path making your home the coziest place to stay.

  1. Efficient energy use

You can enjoy maximum warmth and  comfort and a low energy bill with radiant floor heating. As compared to forced air heating systems, radiant heating is more efficient because it maintains a constant temperature to heat your home and retaining this heat in the structures of your floor. With minimal heat loss and optimal comfort, it will surely save you some dollars.

  1. Low maintenance

An electric floor heating is a zero maintenance system while a water-based radiant heating requires only some minor checks to ensure that the system is working properly. As compared to furnace-based systems and radiator maintenance, radiant heating gives you great savings on maintenance and expensive repair services in keeping the system running all winter-round.

  1. Adds home value

If you want your house to be on top of the list for homebuyers, you need to make it as energy efficient as possible and installing a radiant floor heating system is a good start. Homebuyers nowadays are on the lookout for houses which give low utility bills, minimal upkeep costs and a system that can save them from the winter spell. Radiant floor heating can help you sell your house faster at a higher value.

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