5 Myths That Increase Your Home Heating Bills

5 Myths That Increase Your Home Heating Bills

Before you turn your heating system on and turn your thermostat up, make sure that you know everything to avoid costly heating. We understand that not all of you have the money to burn, that is why Micheal’s Cooling & Heating is here to give you heads-up of what you should not believe in terms of efficiently heating your home.

Here are the five myths that increase your heating bills:

  1. Leave Your Heating Unit Constantly Running At Low Temperature All Day

If you think running your heating unit at a constant low temperature all day long can save you from high energy bills, think again. It will just increase your energy consumption as it runs continuously. Avoid doing this and turn off your unit when no one is around.

  1. Turn Up Your Thermostat When It’s Frosty Outside

Turning your thermostat setting higher is not necessary because the device’s main purpose is to maintain the desired temperature indoors regardless of the weather outside. The Energy Saving Trust said that homeowners who turn their thermostat up even higher will not just find it extremely hot inside, but will also waste energy and cash over the course of winter.

  1. Keep Your Water Heater Running All Day So You Do Not Run Out

Many of you perhaps run your heaters all day thinking that hot water will instantly run out when your units are turned off. According to the Energy Saving Trust, this idea will just cost you far more on your energy bills than you are supposed to. Take note that if your hot water tank is insulated properly, the half-hour heated water will stay warm from the morning until midday.

  1. Keep Your Electric Storage Heater On All Day

With how electric storage heaters work, only few homeowners are able to understand how to efficiently use the units for home heating. Electric storage heaters are using the affordable and off-peak electric power at night to charge up and then release the heat during the day. So make sure that you take advantage of the cheaper night rate electricity to save more cash on heating cost.

  1. Ceiling Fans Are Only Made For Summer

Fans can also be used during winter. We kid you not and you read it right! Turn on your ceiling fan to change its spin to a clockwise direction. It will then push the warm air from your ceiling down into your room, making your space more comfortable and warmer without putting much stress on your furnace unit during the cold season.

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