5 HVAC Problems Caused By A Faulty Ductwork

5 HVAC Problems Caused By A Faulty Ductwork

Is your HVAC system creating strange sounds when operating? Does your indoor air seem musty and not as fresh as it was before? Is your home not comfortable anymore? If YES, then there must be something in your duct that you need to give attention to. Faulty ductwork is typically caused by improperly designed duct system, leakage or poor insulation, which affect the operation of your HVAC system.

Check out these five HVAC problems you can encounter with a faulty ductwork at home:

  1. Hot and Cold Spots

Have you ever wondered why some rooms in your home feel comfortable and the others are not? This happens maybe because you have a damaged ductwork or your duct system is not insulated properly. Be sure to call a professional technician to check this problem and balance your temperature from one room to another.

  1. Odors

Sometimes, the smells that circulate in your indoor space are mistakenly suspected of coming from the HVAC unit itself. But what you do not know is that your duct is the culprit of these foul odors. The moisture that had accumulated in your duct system becomes the breeding ground for mildew, mold, and other microorganisms, which create a nasty smell inside your home.

  1. Noisy Operation

Whistling and popping are the common sounds heard by many homeowners when running their HVAC systems. This happens because the ductwork has developed cracks and leaks over the course of operation. The air can escape through the openings and can cause strange sounds, especially with the continued use.

  1. Poor Airflow

Your indoor space will never be as warm as you like when your duct is not working properly. One of the causes of this discomfort is a leaky ductwork. If your duct leaks, a part of the heated air will not find its way to where you need it the most. The air becomes stuffy because not enough of it is circulating inside your home.

  1. Indoor Air Quality Issues

Contaminated air and allergens might be fouling the air you breathe. VOCs, smog, pet dander, dust, and other forms of airborne pollutants can circulate inside your ducts and into your home, which later might cause allergies and other health-related problems. To avoid this, make sure to inspect and clean your air ducts regularly.

If you experience any of these problems at home, immediately call your local technician before these issues get worse. Here at Micheal’s Cooling & Heating, we conduct expert inspection not only in your ductwork but also to the entire components of your HVAC system. When it comes to your comfort, you could always count on our expertise. Call us to know how!