5 Home Improvement Tasks to Tackle For Fall

5 Home Improvement Tasks to Tackle For Fall

The leaves start to change their colors and soon will drop from their twigs. Guess what! Fall is already in the air! In a short while, a cooler temperature will knock every door in Pineville, LA. Do these changes have something to do with your current home condition? Yes, of course! Home renovation experts suggested that the fall season is the perfect time for homeowners to prepare their homes and complete their home improvement plans.

Do not make your winter a catastrophic season once again. Follow our fall home improvement tips.

  1. Complete Your Roof Repairs

Call a contractor to repair the leaky roof, shingle damages, and other common problems that have come up in last summer months. Do not neglect those minor roof issues because they can cause major harm over the course of heavy winter. You will be thankful for having sturdy roofing because it saves you from costly issues in the future.

  1. Patch Up the Window and Door Cracks

Cracks in your windows and doors can cause air leakage, which can contribute to ineffective heating. Check your windows and doors to spot the cracks. Apply caulk to damaged areas, or if possible, replace the old weather stripping to obtain firmer patching. The foam and felt weather stripping could only last for two years while the rubber ones (which are more durable and expensive) can endure up to ten years.

  1. Insulate Your Attic

Use the cool and windy fall weather for attic checking. If you encounter draft problems around your plumbing and ventilation pipes, you can add another layer of insulation. This fall home improvement project can keep your home warmer and make your energy bill lower.

  1. Replace or Repair Your Heating System

One thing you should not ignore is the condition of your heating system at home. Take advantage of the fall season to test and inspect your heating unit by calling a professional service. Decide whether to repair or replace your heating system so you can fully prepare your home before the first frost comes.

  1. Install a Smart Thermostat

Fall is the perfect time to have an upgrade! Replace your old, conventional thermostat with an automated device that lets you control the temperature wherever you are. Smart or Wi-Fi thermostats can help lower your energy bill and give you the liberty to adjust and set the temperature using your smartphone.

You will fall head over heels in love with your home once again if you see the complete result of all these plans. Fall has just started, and you have plenty of time left to begin the home improvement projects. Make sure to call Micheal’s Cooling & Heating so we can help create a comfortable and desirable living space for you.