5 Air Conditioner Problems You’re Going to Face With Solutions

5 Air Conditioner Problems You're Going to Face With Solutions

Your air conditioning unit is your comfort saver when the summer heat steps in. But needless to say, anything can go wrong in between these long hot months, especially in your A/C’s operation. But don’t worry our technicians at Micheal’s Cooling and Heating know just what to do to solve whatever A/C problems come your way.

To name a few, check out these five air conditioning problems that you will face and what should be done about them.

  1. Uneven Cooling

The possible reasons why you experience uneven or reduced cooling are system imbalances, blocked airflow or leaky ducts. System imbalance could mean that the air is unevenly distributed inside your home. Leaking ducts can be caused by improper sealing in the vent boots that allow for condensation to happen. Blocked airflow can easily be identified by merely checking if there are equipment and furniture that are blocking the air vents and registers. There is no better solution for these than to call your trusted technician for professional inspection and diagnosis.

  1. Frozen A/C Parts

When you start to notice ice formation in the A/C coils and the inside of your unit, you are probably dealing with an obstructed airflow. This is primarily caused by dirty and blocked air filters and ducts. It is important that you keep up with your air filter schedule and set a regular duct cleaning service with a professional HVAC technician to prevent this issue from taking place. Additionally, be sure to check if the refrigerant level is too low. If it is, call your technician for professional service.

  1. No Cool Air

If the air that comes out of your vents is not as cool as you expect it to be, you may have an insufficient refrigerant level in your system. Hire a professional technician to diagnose the issue. Low refrigerant content is due to leaks so be sure that the technician finds those leaks before adding more.

  1. Erratic Powering Behavior

If your air conditioning unit turns on and off continuously, the first thing that you should check is the thermostat setting. If it is not the thermostat, the reason most probably is the dirt and dust that is blocking the air flow. Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils and filter replacement should be done on your next service.

  1. Problems in the Outside Unit

Although located outside, the condenser unit is crucial to the proper operation of your air conditioning system. If issues like a fan not working, power issues or a contractor malfunction happen in your outside unit, your comfort will be put in great jeopardy. Be sure to call a licensed professional to help you with these problems.

If you find certain problems in your unit, do not try to fix them yourself. Rather, call the professionals immediately. Fortunately, if you are living in Central Louisiana, you have the best company near you whenever HVAC problems arise. Call us at Micheal’s Cooling and Heating, and we will get everything fixed in no time.