4 Heater Efficiency Tips

4 Heater Efficiency Tips

As the temperature drops, homeowners are starting to focus on how to heat their home at the lowest possible cost. If you’ve experienced a total pain in your wallet last winter, you better improve the efficiency of your heater to prevent it from happening again. Count on these 4 helpful heater maintenance tips to keep your home cozy the inexpensive way.

  1. Have your heater professionally checked.

Scheduling a professional check for your heating devices is best to do before the cooling season starts. Regular system check-up and inspection help identify small glitches in the unit and make necessary solutions ahead of time. As compared to a neglected heater, professionally maintained heating devices are energy-efficient and work properly reducing the amount of wasted energy in each operation.

  1. Don’t miss regular air filter replacement.

It’s not enough to just change your filters, it should be monitored every once in a while. Each home has unique indoor atmosphere so you never know how fast your filter gets clogged. A clogged filter stresses the unit, reducing its energy efficiency. It also reduces airflow resulting to expensive repairs and system breakdown.

  1. Pay attention to your duct system.

No matter how expensive your heating units are, if you’re leaving your ductworks dirty and leaky, you won’t get the most of your investment and end up spending too much on your heating bill. Duct inspection and cleaning helps identify cracks, holes and other passages that allow air to escape. Insufficient air flow has an obvious effect on your heating bill and your comfort as well.

  1. Support your heating devices with proper insulation.

If you find your home too long to warm or is not warming at all, the culprit probably lies in its poor insulation. You may need to invest on caulk and give more time applying it on the corners of your door, windows and other drafty areas in the house. Insulate your attic as well since most of your needed air escapes on this part of your house. Insulating your home properly is your best defense against the cold offense of winter.

Being proactive over your heating system is always a smart strategy to combat the freezing temperature and to prevent a skyrocketing energy consumption bill. If you’re in for more heating strategies or needs a professional guide to make these tips happen, the experts at Micheal’s Cooling and Heating are just around the corner!